Colombian indigenous community crafts organic Amas la Sierra


The colombian indigenous organic Coffee: Amas la Sierra

The colombian indigenous organic Coffee is Sogrome’s only commercial crop.
The unique conditions of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta and the artisanal processing that the Arhuacos have perfected conspire to make Sogrome coffee rich and smooth, with cup ratings in the middle to high 85s.

Colombian Indigenous organic coffee
Colombian Indigenous organic coffee

Perched in a valley about halfway up a coastal mountain range that boasts Colombia’s highest peaks is the indigenous Arhuaco community of Sogrome, a proudly self-sufficient village of 45 families that are growing some of the world’s most extraordinary artisanal coffee.

Cultivated through a combination of ancient indigenous farming techniques and modern agricultural knowledge that they call “more than organic,” the coffee of Sogrome is both a specialty brew and a symbol of the ecological harmony within which it is produced.
For the Arhuacos — one of Colombia’s 102 indigenous peoples — this coffee is a vehicle for the relationship they wish to establish with the world beyond the sierra mountain range.

What makes special indigenous organic coffee?

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