Special Coffee for the Preservation of Biodiversity

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Find yourself at 2350 meters above sea level in 2020

As you relax in your home, we bring you something special from the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta: Amas la Sierra, Café Especial de Altura. Our coffee represents the perfect balance between Indigenous ecological agriculture practices and modern farming practices.

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The Coffee for the Preservation of Biodiversity is our means to talk to you about something important today: the conservation of nature and the Planet.

As an Indigenous People, we believe in a unique form of conservation – one in which both you and I can achieve without sacrificing our dreams. We believe in the conservation of nature in partnership with land use – which is exactly what we have achieved with this coffee.

For thousands of years, we have developed a special type of agriculture conceived out of a deep respect for nature and promise to future generations of humankind.

The proof of this balance can be seen in our coffee, which is produced among snowy mountains of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, nestled next to sacred lagoons among an incredible endemic biodiversity at an altitude that reaches 2350 meters above sea level.



Produced in Sogrome, Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta


Cultivated: In the last quarter moon
Altitude: 2350 m
Variety: Typica (Coffea arabica)
Notes: Citric fruit
Why Coffee for the Preservation of Biodiversity?

We firmly believe that humans can live peacefully with nature, while developing sustainably at the same time. This helps maintain the balance of the planet.

We have successfully learned to understand Nature’s cycles and to develop agricultural practices according to the rhythm of the Sierra Nevada of Santa Marta. Our culture spans millennia in the rich biodiversity of the Sierra Nevada.

We are also open to cultivating our understanding of the world. We recently collaborated with scientists to publish an article about the discovery of a new species of frog in the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta in the world’s leading scientific magazine.

Our invitation to the world is to develop approaches to conserve nature without giving up our well-being.

Simply put, our coffee is an invitation to go a bit further: to make it easy to have a great coffee on hand to surprise your friends and family. As we turn our passion for coffee into love for the planet, together we are a legacy. Our hope is that we continue to adapt and evolve to be the best the civilization we can be to inhabit this planet.

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Amas la Sierra



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